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BBC Sounds
Sensorial Immersion

The Challenge

Technically design, fabricate and install a stand to tour UK festivals, showcasing the depth and breadth of music, radio and podcasts available through the BBC Sounds app.

The Solution

The immersive experience took shape as a collection of rather large fibreglass tubes, surrounding eight amazing ‘sound pods’ which, collectively, echoed the appearance of soundwave bars. 

Each of the interactive, custom-made pods were innovatively kitted out to reflect one of eight themes: nature, wellness, hip-hop, pop, indie, comedy, sports and electronic. Specially constructed kaleidoscopes, a vibrating plinth, colour changing LED lights and infinity mirrors were just a few of the techniques we used to engage the festival audience with their own ‘pod-parties’, showcasing the diverse range of content available through the app.


An enormous structure, the collection of 29 tubes towered high above the crowd of festival-goers, creating a bright orange beacon of sound.

Client: Mother London

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