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NBA x Hennessy
The Spirit Of The NBA

The Challenge

Create an amazing brand experience to announce the NBA x Hennessy partnership, whilst inviting passersby to come and taste Hennessy’s new signature cocktail.

The Solution

We designed, installed and delivered an exciting, unique live event that enticed members of the public and created an enthralling customer experience.


As were provided with a prime location, we pulled out all the stops in order to maximise our capture of BoxPark’s high-traffic footfall. Each element of the design was a showstopper, from the cocktail bar’s contemporary glowing trim right the way through to the impossible floating “Ball Wall,” not to mention the neon lights adorning the structure.


However, the highlight of the event was our automated basketball game, which captivated casual players and basketball enthusiasts alike: Players had one minute to score as many hoops as possible, which was tracked via the backboard’s built-in scoreboard and timer. The design came complete with sensors and lighting that responded when a player scored, acting as a visual indicator and bringing out the competitive nature of all challengers!


This was a fantastic opportunity to explore new ideas and push our design to the limits, which we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.


Client: Hue & Cry

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