Constellations for Patrón Tequila

The Challenge

Design and produce a window display for Selfridges stores which embodies ‘For the Perfectionist’ and the spirit of Patrón Tequila, in line with the Selfridges ‘Constellation’ theme. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 20.17.23.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 20.16.49.png

The Solution

One of our most stunning and impactful installations, we had a huge amount of fun during the design stage. We designed and created an oversized Patrón bottle as the centrepiece of the ‘Made of Stars' installation. Over 800 individually hung LED lights, varying in sizes and shades, gave the dynamic illusion of a nebula. Each light was individually wired into a central software system, allowing for separate manipulation and creating a truly ethereal glow.

To really highlight the beauty of the bottle, it was suspended from a central turntable which rotated 180° across the window, dramatically increasing customer engagement. We finished it off with black sand and glitter ‘moon rocks', together with iridescent agave leaves, a key ingredient of the tequila.

Client: Prop Studio 


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