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2019 was arguably the “climate apocalypse year” in which natural disasters made every single person aware of the climate crisis. Therefore, 2020 should be the year that marks our response as the window to alleviate the climate crisis shortens. Here at Realise Live we are passionate about doing our bit to help and continue to focus on the changes we can make as a company to reduce our impact on the environment and minimise the “take, make, waste” model so synonymous with the events industry. As they say, events are temporary but the waste left is not.


Currently single-use plastics used in the events industry include foamex, signage, carpets, vinyl – the list is endless and for anyone who has been part of the derig crew at events, the fast paced deconstruction and frenetic binning of all the materials is a real eye-opener. Our approach is to “reduce, reuse, recycle” (in that order) and as such we are concentrating efforts on sustainable design, material choices and operating principles. Here are some of the ways in which we seek to do so:


We invest considerable time on the creative and technical design at the start of any project. Part of this process is to work with our clients to interrogate the brief upfront and ask crucial questions to ensure that we are designing efficiently for purpose. Through these in-depth discussions, we are able to ensure the design and build has purpose, efficiency and sustainability considered at the outset.

· Robust design to allow installations to be reused and avoid wasteful reconstruction

· Versatile and modular for “fresh consistency”

· “Store & Tour” for multiple use activations

This design approach allows us to offer our clients the opportunity for greater ROI and a greener approach.

Microsoft billboard powered entirely by solar roof panels


The selection of materials used is one of the most important opportunities to influence the sustainability of the project. Fabrication materials are normally evaluated and selected based on performance, aesthetics and cost. Here at Realise Live we also expanded these more traditional selection parameters to include sustainability. Some of the eco-friendly materials we like to use to improve the green credentials on projects are:

· Toughened glass instead of plastic - huge opportunity to avoid single use virgin plastics. See our case studies with Sky Ocean Rescue and Smart Energy x National Trust

· Realise Live Solar Panels and Batteries can be used to power installations with green sustainable energy instead of traditional diesel generator. See our case study with Microsoft

· We can offer clients hire of our in-house stock modular exhibition stand system (beMatrix). A more in depth blog coming soon on this topic!

· To avoid the single-use of flooring for each event we offer the hire of our in-house stock of excellent quality Eco-flooring which is quick, versatile and avoids waste at end of each event

· Wood and steel materials are able to be recycled and all materials are collated and collected from our onsite waste management systems

Eco Flooring at the London Vet Show 2019


Operating in a sustainable manner is also driven by our operating principles:

· Our installations are generally engineered to fit into minimal vehicles (e.g. Luton vans) to reduce vehicle numbers and pollution

· All projects are wrapped in machine pallet wrap made from sugar cane which is a sustainable solution and an ideal alternative to standard stretch films. It is produced from 50% renewable resources and is 100% recyclable

· We use Eco-Blankets to protect projects during storage and in transit instead of traditional plastic non-reusable bubble wrap. Our blanket are made from a soft recycled wool mixture, cross-stitched for added strength

· Our spray department is HVLP compliant which reduces environmental waste and emissions

· We operate a recycling waste management system at our warehouse to ensure that any materials that cannot be re-used are recycled

Demonstrating the effects of climate change with eco-friendly materials


Whilst this approach is born out of genuine care and passion from our team, it is also important as a business that we are able to assist our clients in delivering sustainable projects at the same high standard. This is an ongoing approach and passion, not an overnight switch and we will continue to develop new design methods, source new eco-materials and consider process optimisation to continue to reduce our footprint and push for a sustainable events industry that benefits us all.

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