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Exceptional design is the heart of everything we do.


Concept Creation

Realise Live have been designing and building creative installations for over 10 years. We have accumulated a vast arsenal of ideas & suggestions that we bring to the table on every project.


As creatives, we love to explore new trends and technologies that enable us to push experiences even further. We conduct research in our own time so that all projects we produce are cutting-edge and truly bespoke.


It doesn't matter if your idea is fully defined or still in its infancy: We'll ensure that you get the most out of your concept.


We find that the key to maintaining progress on projects is by producing 3D visuals and fly-throughs at an early stage. This provides key stakeholders with the confidence to commit to projects with a complete understanding of what will be delivered.


We understand the importance of pace in projects, so we aim to turnaround visual enquiries as quickly as possible. For those who need a visual urgently, we can provide a fully rendered fly-through in as little as 24 hours.

Whether it's to help get a project off the ground or to envision how a final concept will look in-situ, get in touch with our team and bring your ideas to life.


Technical Design

Whether it's metalwork, woodwork, electronics or mechanics; our design team can take your ideas from paper to production. We use a variety of different CAD programmes and illustrative software, however we are constantly on the lookout for new trends and technology that can up our game.


Having fabrication facilities in-house enables our designers to maximise a project's potential by minimising lead times and spending more time on refining your ideas.

We love to take on a challenge, so don't hold back on coming to us with your weirdest and wildest!

Project Management

We have over 10 years of experience in delivering projects, ranging from temporary pop-ups to permanent installations. Our team is fully equipped and dedicated to ensuring that we provide a seamless delivery.


We identify and prioritise key elements of any project in order to schedule efficiently and keep it on track. We recognise the importance of ultra-quick correspondence and we're prepared to take the lead in order to support our clients.

Image by Alvaro Reyes
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