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The Nice List


The Challenge

Piggyback on the Out of Home campaign for Uber Trains by delivering an impactful, seasonally-focused activation to both reward Uber’s existing user base, and drive them to book their trains via their platform.   

The Solution

A simple and fun idea from the minds of Mother London - Uber’s Naughty or Nice Booth.


Realise entered the fray just weeks prior to Christmas to design, fabricate and run the all-in live production of the activation in Waterloo Station. 


A contemporary art deco style carried across the booth design where visitors would show their Uber rating and if they were above the national average, our suited and booted Train Conductors would stamp them a £50 voucher in the form of a custom-branded Christmas bauble. Though not before dramatically delivering the good or bad news by pulling the lever on the Naughty or Nice O’meter. 


This was a real rabbit-out-of-hats job for us and we’re proud to have delivered it impeccably. A brilliant way to end to the year with

some festive cheer!  

Client: Mother London

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